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Join us on our homestead adventures!

Meet the Little's

Hi! We’re the Little family. I am glad you have joined us on our homesteading journey!

About my family (from tallest to shortest):

  1. The upcycler and handyman. He does everything that needs a power tool and muscle behind it. He’s also in charge of the prepping items that are more of the ‘hunting and self-protection’ nature.
  2. The canner planner. That’s me! (*wave*). I’m the brains of this outfit (haha), fermenter, gardener and canner. I am also in charge of prepping items that are usually overlooked and making sure we have enough supplies.
  3. The creative foodie. She’s the cook and LOVES it!
  4. The innovator. She’s creative with her problem solving ideas and loves to help in the garden.
  5. The spitfire. Strong and full of energy. She loves to help anywhere she gets to help, but her favorite is in the garden.

How It All Started

I come from a family that has always loved to garden and cook. I grew up around it and as an adult, it is my favorite thing to do. I got tired of paying too much for garbage food and started worrying that we were definitely not prepared if disaster strikes. The idea that we’re totally screwed if anything happens is VERY stressful, especially when you have young ones.

I buckled down and started my journey of research, research, research and experiments, experiments, experiments. Every week I would invest a little in new equipment and supplies. I would spend my free time learning, prepping, gardening and canning.

I decided to start this website out of hopes to help others learn how to better prepare for themselves and their families, and have FUN doing it!

I hope you enjoy our website and learn something new. Feel free to drop us a line or share with your friends!

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