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Since we have been homeschooling our children for several years, we have had the chance to try many different homeschool subscription boxes from KiwiCo to Mel Science to History Unboxed.

Subscriptions boxes are very popular and great to add to your homeschool curriculum. Your kids will love them and it’s a great way to break up monotony and get some hands-on learning!

*We are in no way affiliated with these subscription box companies and did not receive any compensation for these reviews.

Our Favorite Subscription Boxes

Best Coding Subscription Box

Bitsbox (for ages 6-12 years old)

Bitsbox ReviewBitsbox is a monthly subscription box that teaches kids to code. Specifically, they teach JavaScript. Each month you receive a collection of cards with different JavaScript coding techniques to use on their website to create your own apps. The first box you receive will have an “Apper Keeper” three ring binder to handily store your cards. My daughter started doing this box at age 6 and LOVES it. It is recommended that your children start out with some reading and typing skills.

Best Geography Subscription Boxes

KiwiCo Atlas Crate (for ages 6-11)

KiwiCo Atlas Crate ReviewThis is easily one of our all-time favorite subscription boxes! Travel all around the world with this subscription box. This box comes with detailed and cute cards about the country, it’s famous landmarks and events. It also includes a recipe of a popular dish from the country – we LOVE this part and trying new foods! It also comes with a craft (sometimes 2) for your child to do which is great for STEM learning. Sometimes it also includes a game popular in the region. This box is just loads of fun and gets your kids learning all about different cultures and countries.

Little Passports USA Edition (for ages 7-12 years old)

Little Passports USA Edition reviewThis USA subscription is great for kids who love activity workbooks. My youngest loves to do workbooks so this is one of our favorites. Each month you get a 32 page workbook featuring 2 different states. The books are colorful and loaded with fun information about the state, as well as stickers and activities for the child to complete like mazes and word searches. There is also access to more information and activities online. The first package you get will include a USA field guide, a USA scratch book, a large wall-sized USA map, a welcome letter and a photo scavenger hunt project.

Best History Subscription Box

History Unboxed (options for ages 5-9 and 10-15 years old)

History Unboxed reviewGood history subscription boxes for older kids are not easy to find so I was really excited to find this for my older kids to learn history hands-on. History Unboxed offers subscription boxes, full curricula, and single boxes for purchase. Covering a wide range of history from ancient history to American history, these boxes make learning fun with crafts relevant to the lesson included. What’s really nice about these boxes is you can purchase a “sibling add-on” to have the box include crafts for 2 children instead of having to purchase an additional box at full price.

Best Science Subscription Boxes

Mel Science (for ages 10 and up)

Mel Science reviewThese boxes are SO fun! I know the recommended age is 10 and up, but even my youngest loved doing these experiments (although younger ages typically won’t grasp all the scientific terminology provided). They offer TONS of experiments and after 2 years of us getting this subscription, we have not had a duplicate yet. When you sign up you will get receive a starter kit with all the tools needed to conduct your experiments. In each box, you get all the supplies needed for the 2 or 3 experiments. Often times there is enough enough to do the experiments more than once. Their website also provides VR lessons to accompany the kits (VR viewer is included in starter kit). We have really enjoyed this subscription!

Steve Spangler Science (for ages 5-12)

Steve Spangler Science reviewThis kit is great for younger students. It is well organized and easy for students to follow the instructions for each experiment. Each box has a theme, such as light energy or sound energy. In each box, you get supplies and cards that explain each experiment and the steps to do it – you even get a card with bonus experiments. Their website offers 2 subscription box options and a store to purchase individual kits and supplies.

My Explorations Space Scouts (for ages 6-12)

Space Scout box reviewThis is a fun way to learn about outer space. Included info and activities on astronauts, space exploration, planets and stars, this box is out of this world for those who want to learn more about the universe. Your first box includes a metal lunch box to store your monthly items, a solar system poster, a constellation card cover and ring to store your upcoming constellation cards, and more. Each month you get activity sheets, magnets for the lunchbox, stickers for the solar system poster, constellation card, craft and souvenir toys (boxes may vary). This company also offers a Flash to the Past history box for the same age group that we have not tried yet, but we want to!

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