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What is Cowboy Candy?

Cowboy Candy is candied jalapenos and typically a canner’s top requested item. They are great for spicy lovers (but can be toned down by using sweet peppers instead of jalapenos) and they can also be made a little more tropical by adding pineapple.You can use ANY pepper you like so you can go with super hot or mild.

First things first, you will want to make your cowboy candy.

candied jalapenos canning recipe
Welcome to your new addiction.

How to Eat Cowboy Candy

A favorite way to eat cowboy candy is on crackers with cream cheese. But there are other ways to enjoy. Here are our favorite ways to eat Cowboy Candy.

  • On bagel or crackers with cream cheese
  • On sandwiches
  • Add to tuna or chicken salad
  • Add on top of meat such as steak or chicken

Cowboy Candy Recipes

ALWAYS save the leftover syrup from your cowboy candy batch. It has a great many uses for additional treats.

Our top favorites cowboy candy recipes are:

Cowboy Peanut Brittle (Using Cowboy Candy Syrup)

Are you a fan of spicy flavor? Then you're going to LOVE this recipe! This peanut brittle is a spicy and sweet treat that is like no other brittle you've ever had. Great for holiday gifts or for the spice lovers in your life.
read more

Other ways to use the leftover syrup include:

  • Meat marinade for beef or chicken
  • Fish glaze
  • Add whole and peeled hard-boiled eggs in the jar of syrup and keep in fridge
  • Mix a little bit in mayonnaise for use on sandwiches.
  • Mix with ketchup for your burgers, meatloaf or french fries
  • Add to salads or your favorite salad dressing vinaigrette

As you can see, you can get really creative when eating cowboy candy and using up the leftover syrup!

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